ASEAN RUBBER has its well equipped plant located in TALAWADE Pune, to accommodate customer requirements and deliver products on time. Company has always opted for technologically advanced machines to produce quality products and to achieve better economies of scale. It has advance machinery for better productivity. At ASEAN RUBBER PRODUCT, Research and Development (R&D) plays an important role in developing new products and maximizing productivity with quality and consistency. To accomplish this company has set up its own laboratory and in-house compound manufacturing facility way back in 1995 and has been upgraded constantly to facilitate new research.

Asean Manufacturing Capability

Compound Mixing Machine

We are using Computerized Weighing System & Manufacture Various types of Rubber Compound using ,Kneder m/c ,Mixing mill ,Bale Cutter.& Computerized Batch Weighing system.

Rubber Calendering Machine

The calendar is a machine used to form rubber sheet into various thicknesses, widths and lengths. This machine consists of three rolls which can be run at various speeds and temperatures.

Extrusion Machine

Manufactured various types of extruded profile by using hot feed & cold feed extrusion m/c.

Rubber & Plastic Molding Process Machine

All types of molded item manufactured by using hand, hydraulic & electrical press with transfer, injection ,comprssion molds

Hose Manufacturing Machine

As per customer requirement manufacturing & supplying all types of hoses by using hot,& cold feed extruder ,knitting ,braiding machine.

Vulcanization Machine

Different capacity horizontal vulcunizing chamber used for better vulcunization of rubber extrusion

Pipe Bending Machine

Manufacure & supply various type of pipe bending item with & with out hose pipe assembly

Printing Machine

Used for Fast & Easy Part Lot & Batch Traceability

Validation & Testing Facility

ASEAN RUBBER Industries employ innovative technology to ensure precise manufacturing processes and strict adherence to client specifications. PRODUCTS ARE TESTED AS PER INTERNATIONAL & CUSTOMER SPECIFIC REQUIREMENT .To test rubber compound and incoming raw material company has well equipped laboratory with required test instruments like

  • Universal TensileTesting Machines
  • oad capacity of 0 kg to 5000 kg

  • Rheometer
  • used for testing rubber property, vulcanization characteristics.

  • Burst Pressure Test Machine
  • Upto 150 Bar pressure

  • Negative Pressure Testing Machine
  • capacity : 0 to -760 mm Hg.

  • Muffle Furnace
  • Capacity : upto 1200º C

  • Polymer identification
  • Chemical & Physical Testing

  • Single Pan Balance
  • Capacity : 0 to 200 gms

  • Heating Ovens
  • Temperature upto 400°C